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If we haven't scared you away after your taster sessions... Then it's time to become a member!

All St Albans players must have membership in order to train and compete. Annual membership costs £20 for adults and £10 for juniors (U18s).

To enrol as a member click here!

All St Albans players must also have UKU membership. You can find details of this below.

UKU membership and affiliation

As of 2015, St Albans has become UKU affiliated. This provides us with a framework that allows the club to enter events, have members under the age of 18 and connect with other teams. The main benefits of club affiliation are support, funding and insurance.

A requirement of club affiliation is that all St Albans players must be at least basic members of UKU. If you are not yet a UKU member, click here.

Once you have registered, please email us at with your UKU username.

Payments and training costs

We are making things simpler with the bank of frisbee. Long gone are the days of block sessions. Enter the days of pay-as-you-throw!

Outdoor sessions cost £2.50 each and indoor sessions cost £5 each. Tournaments are worked out on a case by case basis. The cost will simply be divided up between the total number of players.

You need to make sure that your account is topped up and has enough money in it before you come to training. To transfer money into your frisbee account, payments can be made to:

Name: St Albans Ultimate
Sort code: 40-40-01
Account number: 82250195

Please make sure to include your FULL NAME in the reference, as our Treasurer is not a mind-reader! In addition, please email with details of your transfer.

Our superhero Treasurer keeps an up-to-date record of your attendance at training and a clever spreadsheet works out your account balance. You can check your credit on the following
Account Spreadsheet

We are running a no debt policy this year and it will simply be a case of "no pay no play". Our Treasurer will send out reminders, however, please make their life easier by staying on top of your credit.

Club policies & Documents

Below you can find links to all of the important stuff:

Exec minutes

The executive committee meets once a month and our ramblings are recorded here.

Club policies

The club has a series of official policies regarding finances, behaviour, safeguarding and juniors. You can also find the club's constitution and mission statement in the following folder.

Other stuff!

Here is basically everything that doesn't fit anywhere else. Tournament sign-ups, kit orders, etc. etc. etc.

St Albans All You Need to Know

This will direct you to your St Albans bible. Trainings, membership, contacts all in one place, in a single neat and tidy document. Download it, keep it, love it!

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Get in contact with us!

Feel free to email us or call our development officer Luke on 07709 768069 for more information and help!

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